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"I'm a person who loves to play sports of all kinds. I'm Always looking for people to play with and hang out. I play volleyball with VAVi regularly as well and my own hosted volleyball matches on Sundays at mission beach. Let's be friends !!"

Smatch Isaac

"I like the outdoors and adventure! Trail biking, surfing, fishing, paintball, kayaking, extreme sports/ all, rock climbing, spartan racing, trail running and plenty more. I work during the week till about 5ish, weekends usually have time around surfing and other activities. Sometimes a weekday off."

Smatch Chris

"I am looking to get back into Badminton and Tennis (I'm not great at either but enjoy both) played a lot of sport and still a keen footballer open to trying any new sports too. Ideally in the evening after work as a way to keep fit and have fun!"

Smatch Hannah

"Hi all, I'm new in the city, love sports and craft beer! I gym 3/4 times a week, I run half marathon and recently I joined a volleyball club. I look for sports buddies (fancy tennis, I've never played but seems fun)."

Smatch Matteo

"Experienced ballet dancer really wanna try Salsa, Latin and tango! Looking for a dance partner who wants to teach or go to lessons."

Smatch Iris

"Looking for a sport buddy. Mainly into running and currently training to reach 56 miles. Love hiking and skiing, but I'm open to anything. Just trying to be more active to improve my mental and physical health."

Smatch Mara

"I have recently achieved one of my long time personal goals which is to participate in a triathlon, I love the combination of swimming, cycling and running. I am also into other sports like tennis, rock-climbing, trekking, etc and I would love to find other people who share the same love for sports."

Smatch Mathilde

"I am a curious person who loves an active life. I also love nature sightseeings, walks, runs or bicycle rides. Also adore water sports, summer and winter sports. Basically love to be outdoors with a side activity. So i would love to find buddies to experience more, maybe travel for it and have fun."

Smatch Ceylan

"Tough to find people to surf with up here also fish the bay and delta a bit out of my boat and do more stuff too but more focused on surfing for the most part... would be awesome to meet a long term surfer somebody, or just a surfer friend too."

Smatch Russel